All installers who operate in states where HUD administers the Manufactured Housing Installation Program are required to be licensed and registered with HUD. 
In order to become licensed, installers must meet certain experience or education requirements, complete a HUD-approved training program, maintain a bond and/or insurance per program requirements and submit an application form, the HUD 307. When submitting the application you must submit all supporting documents.  
If approved, the licenses are valid for 3 years and individuals will receive notice to renew their license 6 months prior to the license expiration date. In order to renew a license, the licensee will need to take 8 hours of approved continuing education. The Licensee will be provided information on their education options when they receive the notification to renew their license.
See below for information on installer training options and the steps needed to receiving your HUD Manufactured Home Installer License. 
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Installer Application Procedures and Submission Requirements

Installer Application Requirements
All Installers must submit the HUD Manufactured Home Installer License Application (HUD 307) to SEBA to apply for or renew their Installer License. The HUD 307 must be completed in its entirety and  be accompanied by all supporting information required. The supporting information must include:
1. Proof of completion and passed status of a HUD approved installation training course.
2. Proof of required experience, education or self-certification. 
3. Copy of Insurance and Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit per the program requirements.
    See application instructions for more detail. 
4. Copy/list of other licenses from HUD approved state programs if applicable

Download a copy of the application instructions here
Online Application Submission
Click here to submit your HUD 307 Installer License Application and supporting documents. 
Notice to Applicants:
Please allow up to 4 weeks to process your application and receive your license. 

Installers can submit applications for licensing through any one of the following mechanisms:
Mail:  Office of Manufactured Housing Installation Program
C/O SEBA Professional Services, LLC
1325 G Street, NW Suite 500
Washington DC 20005
 Fax:   1-202-379-3340

Need to find a bond provider?
Click here for a list of companies that can issue the proper surety bond.  
Need to find or verify a HUD Licensed Installer?
Click here  for a full list of currently licensed installers.
Installer Training Options
The purpose of manufactured housing installation training programs are to ensure that there is a minimum level of competency for manufactured home installers within the industry. According to 24 CFR Part 3286, all training programs must be 12 hours long, with 8 hours dedicated to installation/construction issues and 4 hours dedicated to the code and regulations.
The below courses have been approved by HUD and can be taken to fulfill the training requirement to apply for a HUD Manufactured Home Installer License.
- Manufactured Housing Educational Institute (MHEI) Online Training
Click here to visit the MHEI training site

- Manufactured Housing Resources Training by George Porter
An in-person training available to any government, state or entity that would like to sponsor a session. 
Click here to visit the website
- Industrialized Housing Institute (IHI) provides HUD approved installer training and continuing education by Patrick Lewis.
Click here to visit the IHI website.
Manufactured Housing Professional Training by Mark Conte
An in-person training can be sponsored by any person, state, government or entity wishing to provide installer training. Training is offered to manufactured home installers as well as municipal code officials and retailers. 

 HUD 309: Installation and Inspection Verification
 It is the responsibility of HUD Licensed Manufactured  Home Installers to ensure that 100% of new  manufactured homes are inspected by a qualified  inspector. The HUD 309 Form is required to verify the  installation and inspection and should be signed by  both parties. This form must be completed prior to  home occupany. Upon completion, the Installer must  supply a copy to the retailer of the home and  SEBA. You can find more information on inspector  qualifications on the inspectors page The HUD 309 is  available here
Becoming an Approved Installation Training Program
Programs may apply to become HUD-approved installer training programs. Any program wishing to become approved must be taught by qualified trainers as outlined in 3286.305 and 3286.307. Training programs must include at least 12 hours of training, at least 4 hours of which must consist of instruction on the federal installation standards, including specific instructions outlined in 3286.308. 
Any program wishing to have their curriculum and trainers evaluated must complete and submit a HUD 308 to SEBA for review. In addition to the application, please provide a course syllabus and training materials as applicable. SEBA staff are available to discuss your program at any time.